Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s Earthworks Urban Farm

Earthworks Urban Farm is a program of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Earthworks is dedicated to the creation of a just beautiful food system for all and with a particular focus on our neighborhood on the near east-side of Detroit.

Earthworks provides numerous programs that address youth and adult education in nutrition, food justice, and growing ones own food, through classes, community potlucks, and volunteer days.  Earthworks is committed to improved access to safe food for all – through the Garden Resource Program to provide resources for thousands of Detroiters to grow their own food, our work with SEED Wayne to create “healthy corner stores” in the community, support for the Field of Our Dreams mobile produce truck, support for sales of produce at local health clinics, donations of safe food to the soup kitchen we are a part of, and neighborhood farmers market.  Earthworks is also involved in development of economic opportunities in the urban food system – providing support and mentorship to new producers and distributors, development of 9 month urban agriculture apprentice program – Earthworks Agriculture Training to train new farmers, processors, and distributors, in partnership with Makerspace – to develop goods to serve the burgeoning urban agriculture movement.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s Earthworks Urban Farm


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