Emergency Response

A food related emergency may involve the unintentional or deliberate contamination, or sudden loss of access to food. A food emergency could occur at any point in the food system from farm to table and may be the result of natural disasters, human error or intentional threat.  Any food emergency must be quickly identified followed by a well-coordinated and communicated response.  That response should include pre-established lines of communication, alternate food and water supplies and delivery systems, as well as close coordination with local, State and Federal emergency responders.

Actions Needed:

  • A food emergency plan, that includes strategies for prevention of food emergencies, for the City of Detroit that is communicated and made available to the public.
  • Coordination among church and community organizations, elected officials and other community leaders, law enforcement, schools, churches and other institutions, hospitals and other medical facilities for dissemination of information and training as first responders in case of a serious event or situation.
  • Development of adequate food reserves in case of an emergency.

Explore The Detroit Food Policy

The Detroit Food Policy was unanimously adopted by the Detroit City Council on March 15, 2008

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