Cook Eat Talk

We are certain that if the majority of people in Detroit could always count on access to food, the impact would be a healthier, more vibrant and creative city.

Just think of your own life. Think of how you feel when you’ve eaten well, how creative you are, and what you can accomplish when you’re not stressed about food. Then, think of the difference you feel when you’re hungry and don’t know where your next meal is coming from.

Imagine the solutions and energy our city could have if everyone who lived here had access to good healthy food, knew why it was their best option, and took pride in it and their health as an investment in their neighbors and the future of Detroit.

Cook Eat Talk gatherings share more about what YOU and your neighbors can do to help grow a healthy Detroit by addressing and taking action against real disparity and resource gaps in OUR city while preparing and enjoy some seriously tasty AND healthy food.

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Detroit Food Justice Update

Just Feed Detroit! This is a beautiful time to be alive and alert in Detroit. There is so much happening, and it all intersects. The mayor continues to prioritize outside proposals and plans for how to address the real disparity … Continue reading

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One Response to Cook Eat Talk

  1. John Tatulli says:

    Great ideas here and food activism at its finest! how do I bring these ideas to another impoverished city, like Camden, NJ??? A lot of saving and nourishments needs to happen there right away!!! Let me know how to get started. Many blessings for the work you are doing in one of the roughest places in America. PEACE!
    John Tatulli

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