Why Is Food Sovereignty Important?

Globally, countries are doing everything they can to ensure that their people are food secure. It’s common to see governments introducing new policies and laws to guarantee food security, which can compromise national security if not addressed well. Interestingly, you cannot talk about food security without touching on food sovereignty. The two are simply different sides of the same coin. This article will look at what it is. Additionally, it will also look at the reasons that make it important to governments, countries, and people around the world.

What Is Food Sovereignty?

Simply put, it’s all about the rights that any group of people have to access healthy food. What is more, consumers have to consider the food culturally appropriate. On top of that, you can’t really talk of sovereignty if the food has not been produced using sustainable and eco-friendly methods. That is not all though. In this case, sovereignty also refers to the rights consumers have in defining their own food as well as the agricultural systems they prefer using for growing or producing food. Based on this explanation, sovereignty tackles these issues:

  1. Right to food
  2. Right to produce the kind of food you need
  3. Right to produce
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What Is Food Justice And Food Sovereignty?

In talking about the national security of any country in the world, one has to look at food too. In case you didn’t know it, food can cause a serious breakdown of law and order. People would be restless, moody, and irrational if they weren’t sure of eating for any length of time, especially if their access to healthy, nutritious, and culturally relevant food is not guaranteed. In this regard, one has to look at issues such as food security, food justice, and food sovereignty. All the three are different but can’t survive alone without each other, as you will see below.

What Is Food Justice?

Food justice is part of, at least in the United States, what has become known as the food movement. It incorporates people from different backgrounds who want to see justice prevail in the production, access, and distribution of food to all people. What all these individuals (such as progressive farmer advocates, farmers, and activists) all fight for is equity in food production. They also seek to influence the sort of structural changes that eventually lead to more sustainable improvements in food production, accessibility, and consumption too.

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